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The annual billing has been completed for fiscal year 2021/2022, invoices have been emailed and/or mailed. Please note our updated mailing address is: 20172 Eastern Hills Drive, Flint, TX 75762. For your convenience, you can now drop your payment into the Pine Trail Shores mailbox located at the above address across the street from the clubhouse.

This past year we accomplished the following goals with the help of some faithful volunteers:
1. Repaired damage to C-dock from boater accident, the dock is now usable
2. Repaired washed out driveway to C-dock so our property owners can now get to C-dock.
3. New trash cans were installed and permanently-affixed. We will now be able to keep the park area cleaner.
4. BBQ pits have been installed in the park and more residents can enjoy these facilities.
5. Repaired and painted picnic tables making our park area more inviting and usable.
6. Courtesy of a generous donor, a Community Bulletin Board has been added in front of the clubhouse for important notices
7. Successful Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Party and 2 Park Cleanup Days. As Covid restrictions ease we will all enjoy more social events

The Architectural Committee has been hard at work and has resolved several cases involving violations of
community deed restrictions, bringing them into compliance. Many more are in process. The more
complicated cases are working their way through the legal system. The more cases of Deed Restriction Violations we resolve, the better our subdivision looks and others will begin to clean up their properties.

We have redesigned and upgraded our website. By providing more helpful information and resources we hope that everyone will use it as a first stop for information regarding the neighborhood. ~ ~

Please come participate in our annual meeting at the clubhouse September 25, 2021 at 10am

If anything has been left off of the new site or additional information you wish to see here, please let me know! You can send me an email to

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