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Architectural Committee Information

Pine Trail Owners' Association's governing documents (Deed Restrictions and Bylaws) require the association's approval before a property owner may make any physical improvements or modifications to the owner's property. Such improvements and modifications are regulated by the association's architectural standards outlined in the Deed Restrictions for each section within the subdivision. Administering the architectural standards and the application/approval process are tasks by the association's architectural committee.

Presently, the Architectural Committee of Pine Trail Shores duties are being performed by appointed and volunteer members.


Christy White 903-978-2031

email: [email protected]


Butch Fulton (903) 574-1451

Brad McVey (660) 341-2723

Chad Cassout (214) 682-0088

William Clark (512) 745.5639

Scope of Authority
The scope of authority exercised by an architectural committee is impacted by the type of common interest development that the association was formed to manage:

PTOA Architectural Committee Management Areas:

  • Lot setback requirements
  • Structure and improvement design
  • Structure placement and height
  • Fencing
  • Exterior finishes, paint colors, roofing materials

Code Compliance
The architectural committee's approval powers extend to compliance with Pine Trail Shores Deed Restrictions and ByLaws. They do not serve as a substitute for any ancillary requirements imposed upon a member by local building codes or county ordinances. In most cases, a member's proposed improvements or modifications will require separate approvals from the association's architectural committee and local building/code enforcement entities.

Decision Requirements
Any decision regarding a member's architectural application must:

  • Be made in good faith and not be unreasonable, arbitrary, or capricious.
  • Not conflict with any "governing provision of law" (e.g., Fair Employment and Housing Act, building codes, laws governing land use or public safety, etc.).; and
  • Be made in writing

Suppose an application is disapproved (rejected). In that case, the written decision of the architectural committee must include both an explanation of why the application was disapproved and a description of the procedure through which the member may request reconsideration of the decision by the board.

Disapproval & Appeal
Where the architectural committee disapproves of a member's application, the member is generally entitled to appeal the board at an open board meeting.

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Please complete the Request for Property Improvements form and mail to the address on the form.

PTOA Request for Property Improvements Rev 10-7-2023

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