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Update 11/16/2021

Pine Trail Shores general meeting was held on Saturday November 13th at the subdivision clubhouse. There were a good number of property owners present. Several topics were covered, including recent meetings the board of directors had with our precinct commissioner and engineer and the general manager of The Villages concerning issues in our subdivision.

The meeting with the precinct commissioner, Frank Davis and engineer, Neil Franklin was held at the clubhouse on October 26th. Items discussed were; subdivision roads in need of repair, street signs missing or no longer readable, stray dogs, property that needs to be condemned, mowing of entry road into the subdivision, and locating property owners. Some of the items discussed will be resolved over the next couple of years as Smith County begins repairing and updating county roads. Mr. Davis and Mr. Franklin both agreed to look further into the issues of stray dogs and recommended we contact the Environmental Crimes division to get assistance with property issues.

The board of directors also met with the general manager of The Villages to discuss the issue we are having with squatters around C dock.

The annual Christmas gathering is scheduled for December 18th beginning at 6:00 pm at the subdivision clubhouse. We will have snacks, finger foods and soft drinks. Please come and enjoy some holiday fun!

In other subdivision news—-We have a new board member! Please welcome Scot Sullivan as our new 2nd Vice President. Scot will be working closely with Charles Johnson on the architectural committee as well as other areas.

Please come participate in our next meeting at the clubhouse January 8th at 10am.

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