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Below is a list of property for sale in the Pine Trail Shores subdivision. For additional information on any property listed, please contact the property owner or agent listed. We are listing these properties as a courtesy to the property owners. Pine Trail Property Owners Association, is not a real estate agent and makes no statements as to the condition of the properties listed

If you have property located in the Pine Trail Shores subdivision that you wish to sell, please send your information to

A68 Lakeview Drive One vacant lot Shirley Mitchell Owner
(903) 759-1345
A297-A298 17177 Lakeview Drive $149,500.00 2 lots
2 bedroom / 2 bathroom house 90% complete (needs underpinning, flooring, landscaping)
(903) 574-8428 Yes
C448, C449, C450, C451, C452 16963 Shady Trail Drive $97,000.00 5 lots and 3 Bedroom/ 2 Bath, 1332 square foot, frame house Newberry Real Estate David Kurtz
(903) 201-1331
C457 Shady Trail Drive One vacant lot Yes
A216-217 16901 KINGSWOOD DR $1500.00 2 vacant lots Karin Loftin
(979) 571-5276